Assigning a Key 3 Delegate or other position in my.Scouting (myScouting)

Q. How do I assign someone in our unit to a position that can access more tools?

A. NOTE: This tool is available under the unit at to Key 3 members (unit leader, committee chair and chartered organization representative.)

The person must be registered in your unit to be assigned a role with Position Manager.

A unit can have up to 3 people assigned as a delegate.

Allow 72 hours or 3 days for changes in Security Manager to take effect in applications outside of (e.g., Scoutbook, Internet Advancement, etc.)

Assigning Process

A unit Key 3 person logs into and clicks on the menu in the upper left, then their unit, and the tool Organization Manager and then Position Manager on the left:

See the Functional Role section of the guide at this link for more information on how to change functional roles.

The roles that can access Internet Advancement are Key 3 Delegate or Advancement Chair.

Updated on February 4, 2022