With more than 100 million young people participating in Scouting since the BSA was founded in 1910, there is no shortage of historic memorabilia and Scouting materials -- handbooks, patches, uniforms, and more.  As such, we are offered more items than we can use. While the Greater St. Louis Area Council accepts these donations, they are likely to mean more to you or your family or better used by donating elsewhere. 

  • If you have historic items from your time in Scouting or from someone in your family, consider sharing them with another member of the family. 
  • If you have items related to a specific Scouting program or unit (e.g. a flag that says Troop 123 on it) and you know the organization, group, or church to which the Scouting program was chartered, see if they would like those items for their current Scouts or for historic preservation.
  • Consider donating items to your local thrift stores to be used or collected by families in your community.
  • Otherwise, you can drop off donated items at any of our service centers. Click HERE for locations and hours.

For items donated to our council, please note that items in new/usable condition (a tent, for example) may be given to current Scouts or units and that historic items may be kept for display purposes or sold to support local Scouting program.