Why is this form needed?

Chartering organizations are essential for their units' activities. However, they can't organize activities for units they don't sponsor. Instead, councils and districts manage events involving multiple units, like summer camps. If you want to host an event with units from different chartering organizations, you need permission from the Greater St. Louis Area Council. If units from other councils will participate, you'll need extra approval. Submit this form if your unit is planning an activity with units from different chartering organizations. You will receive a response within one week.

Typical multi-unit event:

  • Webelos Scouts and Scouts BSA combined event for the purpose of promoting crossover/retention.
  • Units filling spots in a BSA specialty program such as a pack overnight experience at a zoo or museum.

Requests that are generally denied:

  • Units trying to hold a multi-unit event for a geographic area.  These should be district-level events coordinated by the district committee.

Agreements to hold a multi-unit event:

  • All BSA policies are followed, including youth protection requirements and the Guide to Safe Scouting.
  • The event must clearly be advertised as a unit event.
  • There must be a clearly marked contact person for the event with name, unit, email and phone number.
  • Acceptance for one event does not guarantee acceptance for future events.