What is the Difference Between Internet Advancement and Scoutbook?

Internet Advancement and Scoutbook are both tools to add advancement information into the same Scoutbook Database. The Scoutbook Database is integrated with the other BSA databases so the advancements flow between them.

The difference between Scoutbook and Internet Advancement has to do with features of the application.

Internet Advancement currently supports:

  • Entering Rank, Adventure, Award, and Merit Badge completions to be recorded.
  • Roster printing
  • Advancement report printing, including an advancement report for Scout Shop use.
  • Regular uploading a file from a 3rd party application for reporting and to obtain a report for the Scout Shop.
  • For more information on Internet Advancement see our guide here.

Scoubook offers all of what Internet Advancement offers (except the regular upload from a 3rd party application) and adds the following:

  • Tracking of requirements for advancements and awards
  • Messaging
  • Calendaring
  • Many more reports and ad-hoc reporting
  • Service, payment, camping and hiking logs.
  • For more information about Scoutbook see our guide here.

Updated on October 15, 2019